Domain Assessment Appraisal Software MRR

Domain Assesment Appraisal Software MRRWould You Like To Work From Home Using Nothing More Than Your Home Computer?
Start Your Own Domain Appraisal Business! — Full Functional Appraisal Software!

Full Functional Appraisal Software

If you are looking to buy a domain name, it is crucial that you get that name appraised first. You will be in a better bargaining position when you know the true value of the domain name you are purchasing.

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How do you set a price on a domain name? If you ask too much, your domain will never sell. If you don’t ask enough, you may regret it forever. Furthermore, a unbiased and professional domain name appraisal gives value to a domain name — appraisal’s, 9 times out of 10 increases the sales price of a domain

You can provide Professional Website Appraisal Certificates to your customers as seen in HTML Format below!


Certified Appraisal Number 10099

Appraisal of domain name:
Performed by master appraiser: Your Name

Industry focus of name: general

Above is just an example of an appraisal that was done on «» — You can do it for as many domains as you like and submit the results to the customer. Each Report provides the following….

Length, Words.
Spoken Test.
Breadth of Applicability.
Works on top level extensions: .com, .net, .org, and .cc.
If you have a .info & etc. to evaluate, enter it as a .cc
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No other software package on the net provides so many features at such a remarkable price.

This Domain Appraisal Software is a industrial strength software package, at a consumer price. It is number 1 in it’s class for its amazing array of features, and ease of use!

Купить в Glopart за 3,47 $

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